Your Milwaukee home’s roof works hard to protect you from the elements. It provides shelter from storms and extreme weather. When a homeowner places blind faith in their roof and disregards it until water leaks appear or damage is visible, they may be facing a much bigger problem. To achieve a maximum lifespan for your roof, you will need to perform regular maintenance, including roof inspections. Continue reading to learn more about the best times for Milwaukee roofing inspections. 

Why Are Roofing Inspections Important?

You may think that as long as water isn’t dripping from your ceiling, everything should be good to go up there. However, preventative maintenance is the best way to catch any issues early, before they become large expenses. A trained roofing professional can spot any signs of potential damage or leaks before they happen, which will save you a lot of stress and money down the road. If you keep up with regular roof inspections, you will be able to repair issues or make roof replacements before more damage occurs to the structure of your home. If severe weather has recently occurred, it is essential to inspect your roof. Shingles can fly off, hail may damage your roof’s surface, and water leaks may occur. Hail damage roof inspections are always recommended after any hail storm. 

What Is The Best Season For Milwaukee Roofing Inspections?

Some homeowners perform one inspection a year while others perform two. With the seasonal temperature changes, Wisconsin roofs are prone to contract and expand. The majority of property owners choose to get their home or commercial roof inspections in the Spring or Fall, and there are benefits to both. 

Spring Roof Inspections

The rains, wind, snow, and ice from winter can take a toll on your roof, and make it harder to recognize any damage that is there. Once spring begins and the rough weather is behind us, a roof inspection is often a good idea. It’s a good time to spot any damage from winter and get it fixed before it worsens, before extreme summer weather. 

Fall Roof Inspections

Before the harsh winter months begin, Fall is a perfect time to have your roof inspected. Taking care of any issues such as loose singles or leaking areas before snow, rain, and ice weigh the surface down can prevent expensive repairs down the road. Keeping an eye on your roof is a great way to prep your home for the upcoming winter months. 

What To Expect From A Roof Inspection

Whether it is a structural roof inspection or a drone roof inspection, a roof inspector will examine every part of the roof, including structural support, and point out any signs of damage throughout the roof’s surface, ceilings, and walls. 

Once the inspection is complete, a professional roofer should offer you a detailed and diligent inspection, providing you with their findings and recommendations for the surface. The report will list the condition of your roof and detail what repairs, if any, are necessary. When repairs are necessary, it is recommended to schedule them right away, if possible. That way, when harsh weather returns, you can be confident in the quality of your roof. 

Contact Over The Top Roofing For Your Roof Inspection

When you work with Over The Top Roofing, you can trust the integrity and appearance of your home or business are in good hands with our experienced professionals. No matter the size of the job, our quality workmanship, customer service, and attention to detail ensure your investment is a lasting one. We can perform your roof inspection efficiently and diligently and can assist with maintenance or needed repairs. Contact us today if you are in need of Milwaukee roofing inspections for your home or business.