We’re Not Happy Unless You Are.

Our company is known for it’s excellence in service, professionalism and exceptional quality of work. We are not happy unless you are. Please take a few minutes to read what many of our customers have to say.

All Testimonials (PDF)

G. F. – Roofing

“The process for the estimate went smoothly. Personnel were clear in explanations and willing to answer my questions. The actual installation work was done very quickly. The workmen wasted no time and did continual and complete clean-up. What hard workers and gracious people!”

C. A. S. – Roofing

“Done quickly and very professionally. The bid was written very thoroughly unlike another bid we got. Everything was included. No surprises.”

P. O. H. – Roofing, Chimney Repair

“I hired them for roofing. They did a great job.”

M. G. – Roofing

“They are amazing. We had some roof damage. When my home was built, the roof was supposed to have a membrane that kept the snow from leaking into the house, and it was not put down. This company came in and did this for me. They are very easy to work with, they did not have high-pressure sales. They were concerned with what was right for my home and me as a customer. We were referred to them by another service provider we’d used previously.”

P. G. – Roofing

“This company has been a dream to work with in every single phase of the project. I have never worked with a more versatile, friendly, accommodating and professional company.

I am a 60 year old mechanical engineer, and I have hired plenty of contractors in my day. I originally was getting quotes from many companies that all had their specialty, and niche. The costs were really adding up. Almost at the end of my bidding process, I had Rick Ihnen, from Over The Top Roofing show up to give a quote for the rubber roofing on the concrete garage I have. Talking to all the other roofers I called, you would think that I was asking for them to roof a space shuttle!

Somehow we got to talking about all the other projects I was trying to get going on this house I had purchased, and Rick said he also had a remodeling division called MI Family Builders, Inc. I went through all the items I needed done, and thought what would it hurt for him to quote them? My biggest immediate problem that had just popped up was the foundation posts, and I had really high quotes to do that work, and it looked like it was going to be a major “rebuild the World Trade Center” type project if I was to believe all the other companies. Rick said I should relax, and he would quote that too. A week later when Rick came back with all his costs and proposals, with out me prompting him on any of the other projects, he was giving me way more options, better well thought out solutions, and with much more realistic costs. Every single “favorite” idea I had picked up on, and decided was the way I was going to go, that I had learned from all the others I had met with for weeks was coming out of Rick’s head at our meeting. His foundation fix for me was very sound from an engineering standpoint. I couldn’t believe this “roofing guy” was so educated on such a wide variety of home building issues! I hired him that night.

These projects took time. I was closing in on winter so I had them work till the snow flew, than told Rick I wanted to wait until April to finish the outside stuff. No problem. I added and changed things along the way. No problem. I changed my mind. No problem. I worked with them, to make sure I got what I wanted. No problem. The guys read my notes I left them, looked at my sketches, and changed ideas as needed. No problem. They listened and reacted to my concerns. No problem. That’s what we all really want,… NO PROBLEMS.

Foreman Shannon is friendly, polite, an absolute foundation digging maniac and qualified. Julio was an extremely patient, physically flexible, detail orientated craftsmen. Justin was a working powerhouse that kept things moving. Do yourself a favor and hire this one company to do everything. It made my project a pleasure to watch unfold with such simple one stop shopping. Now if only the rest of my life would go this smooth,…”

M. C. – Roofing, Gutters, Masonry, Footings, Remodeling

“We were totally satisfied with all of the work this company performed on our 45 year old ranch home. This included complete roof removal with installation of an ice and water shield and new 30 year roofing with ridge venting all in 1 day. Also included was the replacement of all existing gutters, fascia and soffit aluminum trim. We were very impressed with the workmanship performed by all crews involved. The whole job turned out better than we expected at a competitive and they were great people to work with.”

G. N. – Roofing, Gutters, Soffit, Fascia

“Over the Top Roofing & Construction installed new roof, gutters and ridge venting. They were able to work us in to our calendar and they were very accommodating to our needs. We went with their company because of Eric’s honesty and genuine personality. Eric was professional, courteous and dependable. The work performed was timely and efficient and the crew kept our house clean. The product is high quality and our house looks great.”

B. F. – Roofing, Gutters

“Contacted two roofers based on good reviews on Angie’s List and Rick Ihnen, President of Over the Top Roofing, was the first to respond. He explained my options in great detail and I was impressed with his competence and presentation. He sent me an estimate via email that afternoon which I signed and returned. The job was scheduled for Thursday of the following week and the crew arrived promptly at 8 am. All planting beds and shrubs around the house were protected with tarps prior to the tear off. As the work continued, it was obvious that each crew member was experienced and knew exactly what to do next. All the work was completed by 5:30 that afternoon and this included a very thorough cleanup down to the last nail. Rick stopped by the following Monday to make sure we were pleased with our new roofs and yes we were. It truly was over the top. I plan to have more work done by Over the Top in the near future.”

T. D. – Roofing, Flashing

“Rick was very nice and very professional. We were in no hurry for the work to be done, and between snow flakes and 20 some inches of new snow on the ground, the Over The Top people came and did the work in a timely and professional manner. Rick was a little slow in getting us the Waiver of Lien to us, but when his office person got involved, the issue was resolved. I would recommend this company to anyone. We were very happy with the work.”

R. M. – Roofing and Remodeling

“I initially called Over The Top Roofing for quote on replacing my cedar shake roof and my gutters. My home is about 20 years old and about 5,000 square feet. The roof collects a lot of water and the gutters and down spouts are not large enough to handle the water during a heavy rain. During heavy rains the water from the roof over shoots the gutters and pools at the foundation and leaks into the basement. The cedar shake shingles are beginning to crack and the whole roof will need replacing soon. Rick, one of the owners, came out a few days after I called for an estimate. Rick was very professional and I felt no pressure from him. He seemed to be very knowledgeable about roofing issues. After thoroughly evaluating the problems Rick suggested that I first replace the gutters and downspouts with larger ones and make sure that my basement stays dry. He also suggested that we divert some of the water in a problem area to another downspout. Rick thought my roof would need replacing soon but could wait a year or two. Rick’s bid for replacing my galvanized steel gutters with aluminum ones and using 5 inch gutters and 4 inch down spouts (one area was to have 6 inch gutters) was not the lowest but I decided to proceed with Over The Top because I trusted that they would do a good job and I liked the idea that they have a machine that makes the gutters and downspouts on the job site. Rick thought that I needed some good but expensive gutter guards for some areas of the roof. He offered to sell them to me at his cost which I appreciated and were a real savings to me. Rick met me at the house on at least 4 occasions: The initial visit, to show me how big a six inch gutter was, to bring me the bid, and to show me color options for the gutters. The crew arrived a few weeks later and spent about 2 1/2 days taking down the old gutters and downspouts replacing them with new ones. The workers were very efficient and did an excellent job. They were very respectful of my landscaping and cleaned up every day. In one problem area they custom made a shield to reflect any water that might otherwise shoot over the top of the new 6 inch gutter. We have had two torrential rains since the job was completed and so far all is well and my basement remains dry. I plan to use Over the Top in the when I replace the roof.”

W. G. – Gutter Repair and Replacement

“We called Over the Top Roofing last week about a section of flashing which had come off the roof of our two story house. We had also called three other companies to get an estimate, and Over the Top is the only one who returned the call promptly. They came out to look at the damage (the flashing was on the sidewalk). We were not aware that not only did they check the damaged area, they also repaired it and there was no charge to us. I am really amazed at the professionalism and service of this company. Roofing is such an important area for a homeowner, as we have experienced over the years with several houses and I can’t stress enough how good it is to have such a professional company. We will certainly know who to go to when we need a new roof! From the first call to the company, they were responsive and professional. We had called three other companies to get a comparison, and they were the only ones who were pro active. I came home a day or so later and noticed the flashing which had come off was no longer on the sidewalk–received a call that it had been put back up and there was no charge to us! I am so impressed with Rick and the people at Over the Top Roofing.”

M. E. – Roofing

“Great contractor! I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again or recommend them to my family and friends. The president, Rick Ihnen, convinced me that his firm was the correct contractor to complete my job and I agree 100%. I needed the entire roof replaced due to hail damage. However, it had to be completed this year due to some insurance limitations. Rick fit me into his busy schedule and his crew showed up and finished this large job in 2 days. The crew worked hard from 7 am to dark each day and were friendly and courteous. The finished roof looks awesome and the crew did a great job cleaning up my property. Rick worked with the insurance company adjuster to make sure we recovered every dollar. I always got a response when I emailed Rick or left a voice message through out the entire process.”

T. B. – Roofing