The quality of your roofing construction can determine the health of the rest of your Milwaukee home. Because of this, it is important to understand when to install a new roof and avoid expensive issues like structural damage and water leaks. A roof installation is a complicated process, so a roofing contractor should be chosen carefully and thoughtfully. Before beginning this large home improvement project, it is beneficial to know what your contractor will do throughout the process. Below are the steps that a professional roofing company will take during your new roofing construction. 

Choosing the Materials

There are a number of roofing materials to choose from, which can be overwhelming when you need to select one. You want to find a material that will work well for your property and fit into your budget. There are many materials to select from based on your budget, your aesthetic, the climate in your area, and the structure of your home. Before a contractor begins the roofing process, you will discuss the best options for your home. Whether you are interested in learning more about wood shakes, asphalt composition shingles, flat roof construction, or metal roof construction, your contractor can educate you on your options. 

Removing the Old Roof

A very important step in installing a new roof is removing the old one. The old shingles should be removed before new roofing materials are laid down. The removal of the old roof makes space for the new roofing materials and also gives your contractor an opportunity to inspect the wood decking beneath the surface. You will want the surrounding area to be covered with tarps, cars removed from the area, and garbage cans or dumpsters nearby. 

Inspecting the Roof

After removing the old materials, your contractor will inspect the roof sheathing. The sheathing, also known as decking, provides a solid base for installing new roofing materials. The contractor will evaluate any moist areas or damaged spots to determine if anything needs to be replaced. 

Due to Milwaukee’s inclement weather patterns and general wear and tear, there is a chance that decking will have sustained some damage. 

Removing the Flashing

Your contractor will then make sure all of the flashing on the roof has been cleared away. Flashing, the aluminum or galvanized steel product will be installed over joints on the new surface to prevent any water leaks in the home. This commonly includes the drip edge and any of the roof’s vents and the chimney. 

Getting the Roof Surface Ready 

To prepare the surface for roofing construction and new materials, the contractor will install the drip edge and the underlayment. A drip edge is a piece of non-corrosive metal that sits on the edge of the roof to prevent water from seeping underneath and damaging the decking. The underlayment is a water-resistant material that sits between the sheathing and the materials. This helps prevent rain or melting ice from seeping into the surface and causing damage. 

Installing the New Roof

At this stage, the contractor will install the new roofing materials onto your roof’s surface. The time it takes to install the new roof depends on what roofing materials were selected. Some surfaces take longer than others to complete, due to different processes needed for installation. 

Cleaning Up & Final Inspections

When the roof installation is complete, the contractor will clean up any remaining debris and make sure the area is clean. Your Milwaukee roofing contractor will then inspect the roof to ensure that everything was installed correctly and no materials are in any way defective. 

Choose Over The Top Roofing When You Need Roofing Construction

Selecting your contractor is another important part of the roofing construction process. It is crucial to select a professional that is willing to communicate effectively, educate you, and keep you informed. At Over The Top Roofing, we value our customer satisfaction and pride ourselves on excellent service, professionalism, and quality work. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in your next roofing project.