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New 5 inch Gutter and 4 inch Downspout

Professional Gutter Repair In The Milwaukee Area

Gutters are an important element of your roofing system, especially with inclement weather conditions as we get here in Milwaukee. When gutters are in good condition they reroute rain and other moisture from the foundation of your home. This helps to prevent ice dams in winter and leaves and other debris from getting trapped in the fall. While gutters may seem easy to repair, they can also be easy to damage further when attempting to tackle them without relevant experience. This is why we recommend having your gutter repair and maintenance handled by a professional gutter installation company.

Benefits of Hiring a Gutter Repair Company 

If you need your Milwaukee gutters replaced, repaired, or maintained, Over the Top Roofing & Construction will provide you with top-of-the-line support. Because we put customer service and workmanship as top priorities, you will not receive a better solution for gutter repair in the area. 

Additionally, we offer the added benefit of manufacturing gutters in-house, ensuring a custom fit time after time. Our selection includes 5” and 6” seamless aluminum gutters which require less support than pre-fab models. We also install Raindrop® Gutter Guard systems in order to keep your gutters free of debris to ensure proper water flow. That being said, if your gutters are in need of repair, no matter where you live you stand to benefit from hiring a gutter repair company because they:

  • Perform a full inspection of your gutter system, analyzing how to perform the most effective repairs with an expert’s eye.
  • Have a keen awareness of matching gutter systems to your home, selecting the correct gutter system in the event that replacement is needed.
  • Guarantee long-lasting results and reliable performance following repairs.

Gutter Repair FAQ

When do I need gutter repair?

  • If your gutters are clogged they will begin to leak, often seeping into the basement, producing mold, and causing other issues with your home’s foundation. Standing water in gutters is also an appealing place for mosquitos to breed, so if you’re seeing more lately, your gutters may be dysfunctional.
  • You’re looking to sell your home and your gutters look old and worn down.
  • Your gutter system has dents or is pulling away from your home in a way that keeps them from working properly.
  • You want to switch from a seamed gutter system to a seamless gutter system.
  • You would like to change the color of your gutters.
  • The drainage isn’t working properly and you need a larger sizer gutter and downspout system.

What signs indicate my gutters aren’t draining properly?

Next time it rains, keep an eye on your gutters. If water is pouring over the sides of the gutter it’s possible that there is a blockage or that the gutter is not aligned evenly. Also, if the exterior of your home is showing signs of damage like peeling paint or corroded wood, this can indicate that water is overflowing down the walls of your house instead of being redirected properly by your gutter system.

Do gutters come in different sizes?

Yes, gutters come in a variety of shapes and sizes in order to fit well with your home and provide the aesthetic you desire. Examples of shapes include U-shape and K-shape configurations. Most gutters come in both 5” and 6” K-shaped systems, and a gutter repair company will help you determine which makes the most sense for your home.

Can I do my own gutter installation?

If you are a DIYer and feel comfortable on a ladder you can absolutely do your own section gutter installation. However, if you would like to install seamless gutters you will need to turn to a professional.

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