Damaged gutters can cause a whole slew of problems, some tedious, some expensive. With the Milwaukee weather being so turbulent, especially during the winter, homeowners should make sure their gutters are in good condition. How can you tell? There are a handful of signs that could indicate that your gutters are in need of repair. Catching these problems in the early stages will keep your gutter repair services on the inexpensive end. While, if you wait, you could end up spending thousands of dollars to repair water damages and install a new gutter system. Here is what to look out for and when you should seek out professional gutter repair services for your Milwaukee home.

Keep An Eye Out for These Signs

Gutter repair services are only a phone call away. When moving into a new home, make sure to have your gutters inspected so the need for repairs doesn’t sneak up on you too late. Some indicators that there may be something amiss in your home’s gutter system include:

Water Leaking from Your Gutters

There are a number of ways that your gutters can get punctured. They may also start to leak if enough rust has developed and eaten away at the gutter system and joints. Because gutters are built to direct water away from your home, leaking gutters will result in the opposite effect and slowly damage the exterior of your foundation. Professional gutter repair services will be a much simpler and inexpensive endeavor!

Gutters are Sagging from their Hangers

Hangers secured to fascia boards at the base of your roof are what keep gutters attached to your home. Rust, excess water, or inclement weather can eventually cause these to loosen or unfasten. When that happens the gutters will start to sag. This can result in water flowing down into your home or pooling in the center of the gutters. If your gutters are sagging have them repaired immediately to prevent further damage.

Pools of Water Collecting Around Your Home

Pools of water can result from the damages to your gutter system listed above. Whatever the case may be, it can lead to basement flooding and mold growth. If you notice this starting to happen near the foundation of your home, contact professional gutter repair services immediately to have your gutters inspected.

Visible Water Damage to Your Home’s Exterior

If you have noticed visible water damage on the siding of your home it is likely time to have your gutters inspected and/or repaired. The water damage could be the result of cracks or a split in your gutter system which would allow water to run down the side of your home and cause deterioration. Enough of this happening over time can cause the paint to peel, leave stains on the siding, and cause mold to grow. Prevent further damage and additional needs for repairs by contacting a professional gutter company right away.

We Provide Gutter Repair Services in Milwaukee

Over the Top Roofing provides professional gutter services in Milwaukee! Give us a call today if any of the instances above sounds like what is occurring at your home. We will get you scheduled and have your gutters back in repair in no time!