Professional Masonry Services In The Milwaukee Area

As a homeowner, there are many different elements that need your attention now and again. Ideally, your property is in strong and stable condition. However, years of inclement weather and use can result in damages that should not be ignored. If you are in need of masonry repair in Milwaukee, we have you covered! Stone, brick, or cement masonry projects begin with our experienced masonry services team. Whether you need new construction, repairs, or a complete restoration, Over the Top Roofing & Construction ensures lasting, quality results in the greater Milwaukee area.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Masonry Repair Company

Though it may be tempting to address cracks and chips on your own, doing so can easily result in furthering the issues and costing you more money in the long run. Masonry services require skills developed over years of experience. A professional masonry company will have the correct tools and materials to tackle the job so you’re left with high-quality results that last. Additional benefits of relying on masonry repair services include:

Project Efficiency

At the end of the day, hiring a professional masonry contractor will ensure that the project is completed quickly at the least amount of expense. While doing it yourself may seem like the cheaper alternative, a lack of experience may cause you to spend too much money on materials and time on repairs. An experienced professional will also know how to examine your brick, stone, or other materials for signs of wear you hadn’t noticed. This ensures that you will get the most out of your efforts to bring your property back to quality condition.

Raised Resale Value

There is no denying that when a home has stone or brick that is in good shape that it will automatically increase the value. These things are very attractive to potential home buyers when well-maintained, so your investment in repairs will automatically pay off when you decide to sell.

Improved Safety 

Hiring a professional to examine and perform repairs on your property will ensure that that part of your home is secure and will not present risks to your safety. Compromised brick, stone, or other masonry materials can be dangerous due to their weight and the support they should be providing. Working on the task on your own and attempting to patch things up without experience could lead to many injuries that simply aren’t worth the risk.

Masonry Services FAQ

What kind of projects do masonry services cover?

  • Chimney rebuilds
  • Tuckpointing
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Garage slabs
  • Paving
  • Patios
  • Veneer work
  • Structural and decorative interior work

Can masonry services fix my broken chimney?

Yes. Chimneys are one of the main things we work on within our masonry services. In fact, if your chimney is damaged, you should proceed with repairs ASAP, especially before continuing to use it. Set up an appointment for a free consultation so we can determine the repairs that are needed and what the overall cost and timeline will look like.

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