If you have been searching for “gutter replacement Milwaukee,” you have come to the right place! Over The Top Roofing And Construction specializes in high quality roofing and gutter repairs and replacements. We know how crucial properly-functioning gutters are to the ongoing integrity of your home, especially in our Midwest region. Damaged or missing gutters can lead to a variety of problems that can result in an overall depreciation of your property value. With that in mind, it is important to schedule a gutter inspection and consider what times of year are best for gutter replacement and installation. 

During A Drier Month

Ideally, you would want to have your gutters replaced in preparation for wet and freezing seasons. In other words, the best time for gutter installation is during the driest months. This consideration is particularly relevant in Milwaukee where we experience freeze-thaw cycles that can create ice dams and be detrimental to your roof and gutters if they are already in subpar condition. If you have new gutters in place before this cycle, you greatly minimize the potential for further gutter damage that can lead to siding and foundation problems.  

Conducting gutter replacement in the drier months is often preferable for your contractor too. They will be able to better guarantee a timeline for completion if there is a lower threat of snow or rain storms during installation. At these times of the year, there is also less concern about any remaining frozen or standing water on the roof or in the gutters. 

Other Factors 

There are, however, other factors to consider when deciding when to have your gutters replaced. Due to these other factors, you may not always be able to wait until a dry month. These issues include timing a sale, the overall condition of your roof, and severe gutter problems.  

No matter what time of year it is, if you are planning to sell your home soon, you may want to arrange for services with a gutter company sooner rather than later. New gutters retain property value and ensure that no parts of our home, specifically the roof, and foundation, are damaged. They can also increase the likelihood that a buyer will want to choose your home if they know that this home improvement has already been covered.  

Additionally, if you know that your home has other roofing issues, it may be time for repairs and a new gutter system. For example, if you are coming up on the time for a full roof replacement, your gutters will be replaced along with it. Timing gutter replacement in relation to overall roof repairs is always a good idea. So, when you schedule your inspection, consider a full roof inspection rather than one focused only on gutters. 

Finally, if your gutters are simply in bad shape or your home is lacking them entirely, it is time for gutter installation regardless of the season. Signs that your gutters are not functioning optimally include warped and water-damaged siding and water pooling around the foundation of your home. These are all signs that your gutter and downspout system is not properly routing water flow from your roof and away from your house. If you spot any of these issues, be sure to contact your Milwaukee roofer today.    

Consider Gutter Repairs

Even if you are pretty sure that your gutters are not due for replacement, you may still want to consider gutter repairs. This consideration is where a professional gutter inspection comes into play. Scheduling regular inspections of your roof and gutters is an excellent way to stay on top of any needed repairs and maintenance. 

You may find through gutter service that your home could benefit from the addition of gutter guards or updated material. For example, at Over The Top, we offer top-of-the-line seamless aluminum gutters, which have lower support requirements than pre-fabricated gutters, making them longer lasting. 

Schedule A Free Estimate For Gutter Replacement Milwaukee

If your Milwaukee gutter system is in need of replacement, you might consider the above information to determine when to seek services. However, if your gutters are overdue for inspection, repairs, or a full replacement, don’t delay! We can schedule an inspection and offer recommendations to keep your gutters. 

Request a free estimate on gutter replacement Milwaukee services! We will send out one of our friendly team members to inspect your gutters and put together a quote.