At Over The Top Roofing And Construction, we know that it is incredibly important to maintain your roof. After all, our roofs keep out critters and the elements that can have detrimental effects on our ceilings, walls, and the rest of our homes. Indeed, roof damage can lead to structural issues that result in costly water damage and, in some of the worst cases, mold. For these reasons and others, we encourage you to keep a close eye on your roof and know what signals the need for roof repair in Milwaukee

Leaks & Other Water Damage

This sign might be the most apparent inside of your home. If there is any visible water damage or leaks, it is definitely an indication of necessary roof repairs. You may also notice water stains on your ceiling, walls, or even floors, all of which signal a compromised roof. Keep in mind that water can seep into a house through even the smallest cracks, making them particularly important to have patched or otherwise repaired by a professional. 

Visibly Damaged Shingles

If you can see damaged shingles on your home’s roof, it is a sign that your roof needs repair. Shingles the roof’s first line of defense and therefore cannot be left damaged for long before problems escalate. When initially looking for damaged shingles, keep an eye out for curling, cracking, broken, or entirely missing shingles. While you will be able to spot some of these issues from the ground, you will also want to have an annual inspection from a Milwaukee roofing professional for a more thorough analysis. 

A Roof More Than 15 Years Old

The average roof is built to last at least 15 years but roof longevity is greatly dependent on the material and quality of installation of course. So, if your roof is approaching that age, even if it seems to be in good shape, an inspection is a good idea. Keep in mind that you will not be able to see all signs of damage from the ground, and only a qualified roofer can know for sure if your roof is in need of specific repairs or replacement. 

Debris In Gutters

Another indication that your roof might require repairs is excess debris in your gutters. We are not talking about the usual accumulation of leaves and small branches, which do need to be cleaned out a couple of times per year. Excess debris beyond the usual accumulation might include granules or small pieces of your shingles. As they begin to age, shingles can start to flake and shed granules that end up in the gutter system. If you notice this issue, contact us ASAP! We offer several gutter services that can address the problem. 

Sagging or Warping

A visible sagging or warped roof is a clear sign that your roof is in need of repair and possibly a new roof installed. A sagging or warping roof can be due to heavy snow pile ups, ice dams, structural damage, and more. No matter what you suspect might have caused the collapse, you will want to have this issue addressed as soon as possible to avoid much more significant problems from developing in your home, such as leaks or foundation breakdown. 

Call Over The Top For Your High-Quality Milwaukee Roof Repairs

If you suspect that you might need roof repair or roof replacement, Over The Top Roofing And Construction can help. If it has been some time since your roof was professionally inspected, we highly recommend scheduling that service with us, even if you do not see any of these signs of damage. It is important to arrange regular roof inspections to ensure that minor issues do not turn into major ones. Contact us today to schedule roof repair in Milwaukee!