The Milwaukee area can attribute part of its stunning beauty to its foliage. Yet, it becomes a nuisance every spring and fall when our gutters become packed with leaves. Let the foliage build up too long, and you’ll soon need gutter repair.

You could call the professionals or attempt DIY repairs. Either is a responsible decision for a homeowner—long as they know the basics. So, let’s see how this important maintenance routine is done and the benefits it brings.

man fixing gutters

Basics of Gutter Repair: How It’s Done

Doing a simple swap would make for a speedy repair. But, are home projects ever that easy? A home’s gutters may have many issues. Let’s explore common gutter problems and how they’re solved.


The sound of rainfall is relaxing but not so much when it clangs against the gutters and downspouts. Here’s a quick fix: Add a rope in the downspout to reduce the noise.


Leaks happen when gaps are present in the connecting points of gutters. Fix this problem by removing existing sealer and applying a new coat to the spots.


Punctures caused by branches are common if trees are close to the home. Holes will form from weathering and rust depending on the gutter material.

To fix punctures in your gutters, apply a liberal amount of roofing cement to the cleaned area. Then, press a patch made of the gutter material to the area. Allow the area to dry.


Weathering and weight cause structural strain leading to loose gutters.

Try hammering the spikes to tighten the areas. Creating a stronger hold by upgrading to hanger brackets can work too.


Aluminum gutters are easily damaged by branches and expanding ice. This creates an unsightly appearance for the home.

Fix dented gutters by applying pressure and bending the spots back into place.


First, ensure the gutters aren’t clogged up from debris and leaves. Then, apply guards and diverters in areas water builds up or crashes when cornering. This will prevent spillage for just a few dollars and minutes of your time.

Routine Gutter Repair and Maintenance: Benefits

What are the benefits of gutter repair? And, what do you avoid by having them serviced frequently?

  • Preventing water damage – Water buildup can seep into your home materials, causing mold and structural damage.
  • Avoiding accidents – Sloppy cleaning can cause a life-threatening fall from a ladder or roof.
  • Improve curb appeal – Attractive gutters add curb appeal, increasing the perceived home value.
  • Saving the siding – Gutters pull water away to prevent peeling paint on the exterior.

Gutters are a staple of home design and convenience. Yet, with our busy, modern lifestyles it can be hard for homeowners to find the time to climb, clean, and repair gutters when their gutters are clogged or malfunctioning. And forgoing routine maintenance can create myriad issues.

In Over Your Head? Call Over The Top Roofing!

It’s easy for Menomonee Falls homeowners to forget about gutter buildup when they’re busy with work, family, and friends. But neglect can quickly cause headaches and worse problems for the home. So, no matter how busy you are, gutter repair should be a top priority!

Whether your gutters need repairs or replacement, Over The Top Roofing can help you with all your gutter needs. Give us a call (414-531-ROOF) and schedule a no-obligation inspection today.