What’s the top reason to love your attic insulation? It keeps your home comfortable. Once you learn it’s not doing its job, however, it’s time for attic insulation removal.

The stifling, hot air in the summer and the frigid air in the winter make the attic an afterthought for many homeowners. But don’t forget about it: If the insulation there isn’t meeting performance expectations, it’s time to get rid of it.

worker installing insulation in an attic

Here’s a rundown of four signs you need attic insulation removal right away.

1. Asbestos

This is not a word you want to hear if you own a home. Why? Because if you inhale asbestos fibers, they may cause cancer.

Unfortunately, if your house is on the older side, which means your roof is old, the attic insulation may be old as well. This means a renovation project may end up releasing asbestos from your insulation into your home.

In some situations, it’s best to leave the asbestos alone to keep it from causing issues. However, in other cases, removing it may be inevitable. It’s best that you get an expert recommendation on your options for addressing asbestos in your attic insulation.

2. Moisture

Has the insulation in your attic gotten wet? If so, it’s ruined. And if you leave the problem unaddressed, you may end up harming your own health, too.

Once insulation becomes wet, it can no longer block the transfer of air effectively. On top of that, mold may grow quickly, thus leading to serious health conditions, such as respiratory infections or allergic reactions. So, if you’ve got wet insulation, attic insulation removal is a must.

3. Thermostat Cycling

Another issue you may be facing is thermostat cycling, which is when your thermostat keeps jumping on and off. As a result, your home may feel stuffy one second and then cold the next.

It’s a sign that your home’s thermostat is confused, and the culprit may be subpar insulation in your attic. Get a professional up in your attic to check out the status of the insulation right away.

4. Energy Costs

Are your energy bills growing each month? If so, it’s yet another sign you need to remove your attic insulation. This is especially true if your house has failed an energy audit.

Your spiking energy bills may be the result of inadequate or uneven insulation. In this situation, it’s best to simply get rid of it all and start from scratch. Don’t worry—it’s a move that will literally pay off in the months ahead.

How We Can Help with Attic Insulation Removal

We offer high-quality attic insulation removal and replacement services so that you can keep your energy costs low and your comfort level high. This is particularly critical during the cold winter months, when inadequate insulation can allow heat to escape and thus potentially cause your heating costs to skyrocket.

Get in touch with us to find out more about we can make your home more energy efficient through our reliable Milwaukee insulation services.