You love your chimney: After all, how else is Santa going to get into your home to shower you with the presents you’ve dreamed of getting?

As great as a chimney is, however, it can also be your worst nightmare if it’s not safely maintained. And that’s why you need a stainless steel chimney liner.

Since the early 1900s, officials have recommended installing flue lining, and the majority of fire codes mandate them now. Why? Because they essentially keep your chimney from having a shorter lifespan, and they also keep you from having a shorter lifespan, too.

Here’s a rundown of the four known benefits of a chimney liner—particularly one made from stainless steel.

exterior image of roof and chimney

1. Protect Yourself with a Stainless Steel Chimney Liner

You care about your loved ones, so why not take extra steps to make sure that they are safe for many Christmases to come? Here’s why:

  • Stainless steel liners help to prevent the missing mortar or cracked tiles often found in chimneys that lack a liner or have a liner made from clay tile. The lack of mortar or broken tiles may be allowing noxious smoke and gases to enter your attic and living space.
  • You can fit insulation around your liner to keep creosote from building up, which may lead to a chimney fire.
  • The insulation decreases frigid downdrafts inside your chimney when you’re not using your fireplace. In that way, you can still stay warm even when your fireplace isn’t being used.

2. Protect Your Chimney

Stainless steel will also keep your chimney from being damaged by combustion products that are corrosive. With stainless steel liners, carbon dioxide, water, creosote, and smoke leave the chimney without touching the chimney’s masonry. That means fewer repair issues for owners down the road.

Also, what’s so great about a stainless steel chimney liner is that it is resistant to corrosion, so it will hold up for a long time without having leaking issues.

3. Save Your Energy

Another major perk of stainless steel liners? You can save all of your energy for building a fire instead of installing and maintaining your chimney liner.

Round stainless steel liners are easy to install compared with other liner types, and they are also far simpler to clean with a chimney sweep since you don’t have to worry about square corners that can catch creosote deposits. As a result, steel liners are relatively cheaper to keep up, which, again, means more money in your wallet.

4. Save Yourself a Headache with Modern Appliances

Wood-burning appliances that are more modern and efficient generally require steel lining. After all, this type of lining vents cooler condensation-producing gases. The condensation that the gases produce may corrode a lining material that isn’t stainless steel.

So, save yourself the trouble by choosing steel lining from the start. You’ll be glad you did in the years ahead.

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