Did you know that your gutters can begin to deteriorate and lead to devastating consequences from a lack of attention? And you may not even know there’s a problem until it’s too late.

Keeping your gutters clean and in working order all year long can feel like a hassle. But the results of neglecting your gutters are even more of a hassle. Let’s take a look at four reasons you should not overlook roof gutter cleaning.

senior male cleaning out gutter outside house

1. Abundant Mold

Mold just loves damp places. And few places are more appealing to mold growth than gutters filled with moist, decaying leaves warming in the sunshine.

The best way to get rid of mold growth is to stop it from ever beginning. You can do this by cleaning out your gutters whenever there’s a storm, as well as periodically throughout the autumn season.

2. The Nesting of Birds, Termites, and Other Insects

If there’s ever praise you need for neglecting your gutters, it will easily come from birds and insects. They just love the cozy little spots they can create in a gutter full of sticks and leaves. And they’ll thank you for it by leaving “affectionate” gnaw marks on your gutters or pools of excrement down the sides of your home.

You can avoid these unsightly consequences by keeping your gutters clear of debris.

3. Water Damage that Leads to a Leaky Roof

When you routinely clear your gutters out, you’ll work to prevent water damage to the fascia around your home. During cold months, water that collects in your gutters can turn to ice and cause still more harm to your roof through added weight or cracking of your gutters. This type of water and ice damage can lead to a leaky roof, which brings a whole new set of problems with it, including expensive repair bills and irritating drips inside your home.

Keeping them clear of accumulated leaves will allow your gutters to dry out sufficiently before the next rainfall. On your next fall checklist, make sure to include roof gutter cleaning to avoid having to deal with the hassles of a leaky roof.

4. Enhance the Value of Your Home

The frequency of needed roof gutter cleaning varies depending on a few factors, including the types of trees and how many trees you have near and around your home. We say “around” because you’d be surprised how far leaves can travel on the wind.

By keeping your gutters clear of debris, you’ll lengthen the life of your gutters significantly. You’ll prevent mold, birds, insects, and water damage from affecting the quality of your home, as well.

For the Best in Roof Gutter Cleaning

While you may love watching birds fly carefree around your yard, your roof will thank you not to have them nest in your gutters. You should remember to check on the health of your gutters periodically, especially during the autumn season. And, if you’re looking for help with your roof gutter cleaning, remember to contact us for an appointment. We offer the highest quality roof gutter cleaning in the area.