Many homeowners, especially new ones, aren’t very familiar with gutter maintenance. In fact, they often don’t even think about their gutters until something goes wrong. To avoid expensive repairs and replacement fees, it’s best to be aware of the condition of your gutters and what they need to stay functioning well from the get-go. As a gutter installation service company in Milwaukee, we are familiar with all of the questions new homeowners have about their gutters. Keep reading to learn more about gutter maintenance and when hiring a contractor to assist you is a must.

Common Gutter Questions & Answers

Gutters play a key role in maintaining the condition and protection of your home. Especially if you live in a location that gets a decent amount of rain, snow, and other seasonal weather shifts, you’ll want to make sure that your gutters are able to do their jobs as their meant to.

General Gutter Installation Service Questions

Why do I need gutters?

Gutters keep water from entering and running down the sides of your home which could result in leaks and structural damage. They also prevent erosion and flooding around the base of your home which could otherwise create mold and even irreparable harm.

How much do new gutters cost?

New aluminum gutters and downspouts are relatively inexpensive at around 5-6 dollars per linear foot. If you opt for seamless aluminum gutters they may be a little more expensive, depending on the vendor, size, and color. When you work with a professional contractor that provides dependable gutter installation service you can lean on them to find you the best quality and price combo.

When do gutters need to be cleaned?

One definite indicator is if you can tell they’re dirty just by looking from the ground. Other indicators include:

  • Leaves and sticks coming out of the gutters.
  • Plants growing inside of them.
  • Rainwater pouring off the roof.

Gutters should be cleaned 1-2 times a year to keep them from getting clogged, especially if you have a lot of trees surrounding your home.

How do I know when my gutters need repair?

If you clean your gutters and they still aren’t functioning properly, you may need gutter repairs or replacement. Most of the time it makes the most sense to replace the gutter because it’s not very expensive to do and will be a longer-lasting solution.

Seamless Gutter Installation Questions

What are seamless gutters?

Seamless gutters, also known as continuous gutter systems, are made from one single piece of material. They are not sectioned off into different parts and don’t require sealing at the joints or seams. Seamless gutters have become very popular amongst homeowners due to their dependability, durability, leak-resistant, and low maintenance qualities.

What are their benefits?

Due to their lack of seams, seamless gutters leak less which prevents moisture damage around your home. It also keeps dirt and debris from getting caught in between your gutters, making cleaning and maintenance easier and less needed on a regular basis.

Do they cost more?

Seamless gutters do cost a bit more to purchase and install because they require special equipment to cut and attach to your home. However, in the long run, they are the more affordable solution as they do a better job protecting your home from damages and are longer lasting than the alternatives.

Gutter Installation Service in Milwaukee

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  • And Financing

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