While many Americans achieve the American Dream of homeownership, few are prepared for the frequent repairs and projects that go along with it. With the easy spread of information possible with modern technology, more and more homeowners are choosing the DIY method for many household projects. While DIY is a great way to learn a new skill and gain a sense of personal accomplishment, there are many repair tasks that require years of practice and trial-and-error to achieve the necessary level of competency and safety. At the top of the list – and the top of your home – is chimney repair, a task which is best left to the experts – like the chimney repair experts at Over The Top Roofing, your best bet for chimney repair in the Milwaukee and Menomonee Falls areas.

Chimney repair work is especially susceptible to the problem of DIY overconfidence. Countless articles exist online about repointing brickwork, filling splits or cracks, or even replacing spalled brick. As chimneys are often in need of some work, many look to these articles when contemplating how to fix their masonry chimneys. While these might seem like helpful resources, in the long run, they can cost you more in time and money than contracting with the masonry experts at Over The Top Roofing.

Mortar is of utmost importance in chimney repair and masonry work, and many DIY articles online don’t emphasize this importance to the extent that it deserves. Mortar that is too soft, or too hard, can result in damage to the brick and can compromise the structural integrity of the chimney, leading to a dangerous condition.

If the mortar is mixed so that it is stronger than the surrounding brick, temperature changes actually cause the mortar to squeeze, and thus damage, the brick. This causes the bricks to spall. Spalled bricks cannot be repaired, and must be replaced before further damage accrues. If incorrect mortar mixture is the cause of the spalling, the mortar must also be replaced to prevent further damage.

Mortar that is too soft, on the other hand, quickly deteriorates and requires premature replacement or repair. If it deteriorates faster than surrounding mortar, this can create instability in the masonry, and if left unchecked can even cause collapse.

It’s important to seek an expert for your chimney project, not only because the work itself requires years of experience, but because of the danger inherent in working on a roof. Our team of roofing and masonry experts has seen and done it all when it comes to chimney repair. We’re available to get your job done right and avoid the dangerous and costly mistakes that can occur due to DIY overconfidence.

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