If you’re interested in replacing or installing insulation in your home’s attic, it may be tempting to save some money by completing the task yourself. But attempting to install insulation on your own could cause some major issues—and even some deadly hazards.

Curious to learn more about why it’s such a good idea to call insulation pros? Keep reading! We have everything you need to know right here.

someone measuring the insulation in their attic

1. It’s the Law

Did you know that there are certain laws in place regarding how a person may dispose of and handle insulation? These laws and local regulations are in place for your own protection.

For example, old insulation in your home may contain asbestos. And, if you disturb this material by removing it, you are exposed to this very harmful material. For this reason, many places will have specific regulations to prevent this type of handling.

By hiring professionals to remove and install your attic insulation, you will ensure that all materials are handled in accordance with the appropriate regulations and safety procedures.

2. To Ensure It’s Done Right

Simply put, there is a lot that can go wrong during attic insulation installation. Insulation professionals, however, will see these issues coming from a mile away and will know how to properly deal with them.

Other advantages that professionals bring to the job are they:

  • Own the very specific tools necessary to properly do the job.
  • Know the correct kind of insulation to use.
  • Know how to properly seal areas like vents and lights.

3. Materials Used May Be Hazardous

We’ve already touched on the dangers of asbestos, but did you know that fiberglass insulation also poses many health hazards? This type of insulation can cause skin irritation, respiratory irritation, and may even be cancerous.

Professionals will have access to the proper equipment to deal with any hazardous materials that may be present during your insulation removal and installation.

4. Pests Love to Live in Attic Insulation

Don’t think your home has a rodent or pest issue? You could be wrong!

Many homeowners don’t realize that they have an infestation until they complete a project like replacing attic insulation. Disturbing these materials disturbs the pests, and that’s when homeowners realize they have a problem.

Instead of having to call the pros once this problem arises, you can help minimize issues by having experts on the scene from the very start. This can help you avoid a big mess if pests are present.

5. Inspections Are Necessary

Before the area you would like to insulate is ready to go, it must be inspected for mildew, mold, and the aforementioned pests in order to get the green light. And, unless you’re an expert at inspecting for these elements, you’ll need help.

Call the pros to make sure you’re free and clear.

Let the Experts Help You!

As you can see, for safety reasons, ease, and peace of mind, it’s always a better idea to hire insulation professionals for your attic insulation needs. Getting caught in a surprise rat infestation or violating safety regulations are not worth trying to DIY.

Have any questions or comments about this article or our insulation services in general? Feel free to contact us! We’re always here to help.