Have you ever gone to sleep and woke up feeling like you left the window open overnight? Even if your windows are closed and the heat is cranked up, you may feel a draft coming in. As frustrating as it is, drafts can be an easy fix when you can narrow down the source.

From your window frames to the glass itself, here are some signs your windows need work.

Window Seal Failure

Between the double and triple panes in a window, gas fills the void to provide a sealant to ensure quality insulation. When that sealant breaks, there’s a higher chance of cold air seeping into your home and shaking you to the bone. This can happen from poor window installation, materials wearing down and changes in the weather. If you suspect any of these to be the cause, it may be time to call a professional to get it fixed. Your windows may not be up to date if you live in an older home, so it may be time to upgrade.

Cracked and Old Glass

If you live in an older home, you’re most likely going to have single-pane windows. Single-pane windows are extremely fragile, which means they may be likely to crack or break with impact or temperature changes. If you have cracked windows, drafts can seep through, causing a chilly setting to a room. The most cost-efficient solutions would be to replace single-pane with double-pane windows or to apply plastic to your windows.

Damage to Your Window Frames

Temperature changes can put a damper on your mood but can cause a bigger problem for your window frames. As the weather transitions from warm to cold, this can cause the joints and caulking in frames to separate.

According to The Craftsman Blog, if you can see light coming through or can fit a quarter in the crack, then you should fill it. Large cracks that spread throughout the frames should be inspected by a professional. However, one should keep in mind that as the weather goes from cold to warm, the cracks may close.

Keeping your house insulated is one way you can help cut down on temperature fluctuations in your home. If you’re in the greater Milwaukee area, see how Over the Top can help insulate your home.

Drafts Coming Through the Plastic on Your Windows

Insulating your home with plastic on the windows can save you money and help keep you warm. But after all that hard work, you still shiver when you walk around your home. What gives? You may not have applied the plastic right. Applying plastic insulation on windows requires both attention and detail when applying.

According to a blog from Daily News-Miner, applying plastic to windows can reduce 50% of heat loss from drafty windows. But remember that if the plastic is too loose or becomes undone along the corners, cold air is more likely to seep through.

When You Need to Call a Professional

Working with windows calls for a lot of care and attention to detail. If you’ve looked into all the possibilities discussed in this post and still feel a draft, it may be time to consult a professional. Over the Top Roofing and Construction offers professional window and insulation work in Milwaukee and the surrounding communities.