Nothing says winter in Wisconsin like a fresh coat of snow covering rooftops. While snow can be beautiful, too much of it can be a hassle to get rid of. The headache of getting rid of snow can worsen if you put it off over time. It’s important that you maintain your roof and gutters in the winter time to avoid potential leaks and structural damage. Here are five roof maintenance tips that will get you through the cold and wet months during winter in Wisconsin.

1. You May Want to Get Your Home Inspected

Ideally, you’d get your roof inspected before the cold weather comes. Having an inspection done on your roof, chimney and gutter system will stop a problem in it’s tracks. However, things happen that may prevent you from calling an expert. Professionals can easily spot existing problems and give you advice on your concerns as the weather turns by showing you the best methods and tools for roof maintenance.

2. Get the Right Tools for Removing Ice and Snow

Hopping on your roof and shoveling off snow is never a good option, even in the most desperate times. Many hardware stores sell snow rakes, which are designed for getting snow off of your roof from below. Having the right tools will ensure your personal safety and the structural integrity of your roof. While de-icing your roof isn’t always needed, it can prevent damage from ice and water.

3. Act Fast on Ice Dams and Leaks

If you saw our last blog post on ice dams, then you’ll know how important it is to take care of them right away. Ice dams form when the snow on your roof melts and then freezes again, causing a build up on your roof and gutters. Ice dams left untreated can cause leaks in your roof. Changes in the weather and in your home can attribute to the formation of ice dams.

4. Keep an Eye on the Weather

Knowing the weekly forecast can help prevent a headache of snow removal. If the weather calls for freezing rain or varied temperatures, you can easily plan to tackle it head-on. Being ahead of the weather means ensuring you are making your home ready for whatever mother nature brings. But as the temperature drops, you’re going to want your home to be as warm and cozy as possible.

5. Keep Your Home Well Insulated

Keeping your home well insulated in the weather will make it cozier and built to last the colder months. By checking the condition of your home’s ventilation system, you can ensure that heat is being distributed throughout the home. Did you know that heat from your home often causes your roof to melt snow and cause ice dams? Adding plastic to windows, maintaining the ventilation system and fixing your windows can ensure your home stays warm and your roof intact.

Getting You and Your Home Through The Winter in Wisconsin

Roof problems are never good, especially in the cold months. Having the right tools, paying attention to the weather and your home, and seeking assistance from professionals can help make winter a smooth ride. If you need assistance with fixing your roof before winter or need work done right away, call on Over the Top Roofing to help you get through.