Before Mr. and Mrs. Wester contacted us, our competition turned their project down. They needed their roof fixed fast. Other companies did not want to work under pressure. Likewise, the responsibility of roofing a home that would be resold soon is a daunting task. But, unlike our competition, we were up for the challenge.

The Westers needed their roof repaired in order to sell their house. The timing was critical. So, we provided a full roof inspection to see what we were working with. The roof was overdue for an update and was actively leaking. From there, we documented problem areas and provided an accurate proposal. 

Our Plan of Action 

We determined that a roof replacement was best due to the years of damage. A new roof adds value to a home, making it easier to sell. Additionally, it provides peace of mind to the buyer knowing that their roof is safe and stable. 

Getting to work

After a week of deciding our plan of action, our construction team got to work. A trained roofing crew of 10 came out to the property. They protected the home, tore off the old and damaged roof and installed a new one. The Westers are wise and chose the Owens Corning Duration Roof System. This roofing material protects the system from the elements and seals out moisture. Unlike other roofing brands, it also allows for the shingles to breathe, which prevents attic mold. 

Results  – Fast! 

Going into this project, we expected to finish within two days. However, we completed the job within only one day. Within that day, we replaced their roof and also installed a chimney flue cap free of charge. 

In the end, Mr. and Mrs. Wester were pleased. They can now sell their home, worry-free. 

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