How many homeowners reading this post would say that they take good care of their homes?

If you clean the gutters, get your roof checked out after every long winter, and spend time mowing and fertilizing your lawn, you may think that you’re doing every home maintenance task a homeowner should do.

And sure, you may have home maintenance covered, but what about driveway maintenance?

someone apply sealer to a driveway

Four Tips for Maintaining Your Driveway

Driveways are often treated as an afterthought by homeowners, despite their importance and constant use. Think about it: You use your driveway almost every day, and you don’t spend time maintaining it!

A driveway that’s full of cracks and weeds doesn’t just look bad—it could end up damaging your car or hurting someone.

An overturned, jagged paving stone could do a lot of damage to a tire or an unsuspecting person. That’s why it’s important to keep your driveway as well maintained as your home.

If you’re new to driveway maintenance, here are four, simple tips for properly maintaining your driveway.

1. Remove Stains ASAP

A good driveway sealer should help protect against some spills, but over time stains can do a number on concrete and asphalt.

As the years pass, oil, gas, and grease can degrade your driveway materials. Remember: The longer you keep the stain, the harder it’ll be to take out. Imagine trying to drive on a driveway that’s slick with years of old oil and grease.

Consider investing in a good power washer so you can clean stains fast.

2. Regularly Clean and Seal

If you want to know the golden rule for driveway maintenance, it’s three words: clean and seal.

Keeping your driveway cleaned and sealed is the best way to keep it maintained and looking fantastic. And when we say “regularly seal,” we aren’t talking about monthly maintenance. In general, a concrete driveway should be resealed about every two years.

If you notice your finish starting to wear, don’t hesitate to reseal a little early. Milwaukee winters can do a number on your driveway, so you may notice the finish starting to go faster than usual.

3. Use Deicing Solutions Sparingly

We know that half of you reading this would never willingly part with your deicing chemicals. But here’s something you should know: The harsh chemicals in de-icing agents can slowly degrade your driveway sealing and concrete. And if they’re used heavily over time, they’ll eventually start to affect your driveway.

Yes, the winters in Milwaukee can be brutal, and sometimes you need that extra boost to make your driveway usable. But if you want to keep your driveway in good condition, you’ll only use that deicer when it’s truly needed.

4. Skip the Metal Shovels

You will need a big, heavy shovel to handle our cold winters, but the shovel doesn’t have to be made out of metal. The sharp corners of metal shovels can easily chip away at concrete and asphalt. Eventually, you’ll start to notice chips, cracks, and dents in your driveway.

Invest in a plastic shovel or use a snowblower in the winter. Your driveway will thank you for it!

Does Your Driveway Need More Help?

If your driveway is past the point where good driveway maintenance can help, we can help you. Our Milwaukee and Menomonee Falls masonry services include driveways and garage slabs.

Contact us today with your questions or for a free estimate.