Spring is here and adding a skylight can breathe new life into your home. Skylights make a great addition that leaves an everlasting impression. While they’re far from being a new innovation, skylights are still stylish. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of installing skylights in your home.

What are Skylights?

A skylight is a window in a roof or ceiling. They are super versatile and can be installed in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. However, a skylight isn’t simply a glass plated window. There are many different types of skylights with their own purpose.

Fixed Skylight

Fixed skylights are windows in ceilings and roofs that can’t be opened. These skylights are great for letting a little more light shine through.

Ventilated Skylight

Ventilated skylights are able to open and close. According to a post from Go Smart Bricks, they are ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms, which may need extra ventilation.

Tubular Skylight

A tubular skylight is a good alternative to fixed and ventilated skylights. This type of skylight is essentially a large tube that looks like a telescope. Windows and Sidings recommend installing tubular skylights in bedrooms, closets, or any room that doesn’t have windows.

Skylights are very unique in their design and their ability to brighten up rooms. Therefore, there are many benefits to installing skylights in your home.

The Benefits of Installing Skylights

Increases Your Home’s Resale Value

Skylights are “greener” home additions that can help boost your home’s resale value. According to an article from Consumer Affairs, the natural light that comes through is a good mood booster that buyers are looking for. Furthermore, homeowners who invest in skylights may save money on their monthly energy bill.

A Great Way to Reduce Energy Costs

Homeowners who install a skylight may see a reduction in their energy bills. Skylights can let natural light in and help reduce the need for heat and lighting. However, it’s highly disputed whether or not it reduces your home’s energy use.

Having more windows in your homes means more potential for heat/air loss. But, as the United States Department of Energy points out, “Manufacturers use various glazing technologies to reduce these impacts, including heat-absorbing tints, insulated glazing, and low-emissivity (low-e) coatings.” Making sure your skylights are properly installed will minimize energy loss.

Above all, skylights are a great way to redefine a room’s look.

Making Rooms Breathable and Look Bigger

It’s no secret that natural light reveals true beauty. According to a post from Flynn Roofing Co., adding a skylight can make rooms look bigger, which may help up your resale value! Additionally, adding ventilated skylights can let more air flow in, which is helpful in places that are exposed to excessive moisture.

Now that you know the types of skylights and their benefits, you can learn more about installing one today by contacting local roofing professionals. Over the Top Roofing specializes in roofing and construction work and can get you on the way to installing skylights in your home today.