Over the Top Roofing & Construction is a regional leader for roofing AND siding services—with good reason. Our experienced Milwaukee siding professionals are dedicated to upholding our exceptional quality standards and delivering a product that is both durable and beautiful.

Why Choose Over the Top for my Siding Project?

First of all, we at Over the Top Roofing & Construction use only top-quality siding materials. Next, we partner with trusted brands who produce outstanding products with industry-leading warranties. Then, thanks to our team’s care and efficiency, we offer intelligent and competitively priced siding solutions.

In addition, Over the Top Roofing & Construction’s experienced siding professionals will protect the integrity and appearance of your home or business. No matter the scope of the job, our quality workmanship and attention to detail ensure your investment is a lasting one.

If you’re in need of new siding, or just want us to come out and look at your current siding, call us today at 414-531-ROOF or contact us at our website. Then, we can show you what sets us apart from Milwaukee’s top siding professionals. For many homeowners, having siding is a great way to keep their homes looking good without having to invest in repainting, caulking, and sealing.

Benefits of New or Repaired Siding

  • New siding means less maintenance on your home’s exterior
  • It adds an attractive appeal to the exterior of your property
  • Siding can improve insulation for warmth
  • New siding may lower heat bills
  • New or repaired siding can increase the resale value of your property

Siding Repair Services

The best siding in the world eventually needs replacement or repair. Over the Top Roofing & Construction’s siding repair services may be all you need to protect your home’s exterior.

Common Signs for Siding Repair Need

  • Rotted wood
  • Damaged Substrate
  • Fungus
  • Separation of seams
  • Caulking failure
  • Delaminating
  • Boards no longer lay flat against your house
  • Moisture on the inside of your house

Top 3 Siding FAQs

  1. Why should I bother Residing?

New siding will give your home a fresh look and reduce cost for heat and maintenance.  In addition, siding protects the home from elements and eliminates the need for costly, frequent repainting.

  1. Can insulation be added to a residing project?

Yes. Over the Top Roofing & Construction has options for adding insulation as part of a residing project.

  1. Should I replace siding before trying to sell my home?

Even if your siding is in good shape, you can close the deal faster by replacing the siding. New siding means the buyer can’t call for a massive discount.  In short, if you can afford to do so, new siding is ALWAYS a good idea before selling.